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Our world-wide legacy evolves from one of the leading global television manufactures in the world. As an affiliate of Xiamen Overseas Chinese Electronics Company LTD (XOCECO – founded in 1985), Sinoprima is honoured to be part of an international network that spreads over 100 countries in 5 different continents.

Our growth and success within the South African Consumer Electronics Market can partly be attributed to the international practices, supreme engineering, and exclusive Research and Development resources that we have at our disposal. The SINOTEC brand was born in South Africa in 1998 when brand registration red tape restricted Sinoprima from unleashing the internationally renowned and revered brand, "PRIMA" into the South African market.


We believe that charity starts at home thus we chose to once again host a Christmas party for the kids of Plastic View Informal Settlement.

Learning from our past experience we aim to help by providing to the needs of the needy.

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