IFVET - Branding


The IFVET - Institute of Development Veterinary Association is an entrepreneurial consulting and research development, acting with ethics and transparency in healthcare. We work with respected laboratories, specialized companies and professionals. We have own laboratory structure and knowledge focused on basic and applied research.

Created with the encouragement of Haras Cartagena, Ifvet is the first private research institute in the veterinary field in Brazil, which has as main objective to provide services in an innovative way, trying to pass so quickly and efficiently, academic knowledge for practical application in order to answer relevant questions of everyday life in veterinary medicine. The Ifvet also has a fleet of equipment which is constantly on demand of appropriate projects. All tests are performed by quality control.


We believe that charity starts at home thus we chose to once again host a Christmas party for the kids of Plastic View Informal Settlement.

Learning from our past experience we aim to help by providing to the needs of the needy.

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