NHFC - Annual Report


The theme of the report HPG developed was 'bringing structure to the community', which is play on the the fact that they are in the business of building homes and as such, these structures provide security and stability to previously unstable communities. A bright and contemporary palette of colours was developed (which also had to compliment the conservative financial corporate identity of the NHFC).

Bright acid-green and orange and were offset with sky-blue and crimson; large sans serif headings and liberal use of white space within the grid were employed to create a fresh modernist look.

A very graphic layout, with large areas of clean colour and minimal use of photography, offset by an imaginary urban structural landscape suggestive of three dimensions was designed. Simple colour shapes were overlaid to create the impression of city structures without being overly literal - an updated homage to 1960s animation.

An interesting die-cut cover was also created to further reinforcing the cityscape theme and the three-dimensionality of the graphics.


We believe that charity starts at home thus we chose to once again host a Christmas party for the kids of Plastic View Informal Settlement.

Learning from our past experience we aim to help by providing to the needs of the needy.

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