Microbial Solutions Packaging


Our 15 years of experience covers irrigated and dry land crops; in 2009 we covered some 45,000 ha of wheat, maize, sorghum, soyas, sunflowers and pastures. In addition we treated many thousands of hectares of vegetables, potatoes and permanent crops such as orchards & vineyards. We also have a core of satisfied users in the hydroponics industry.

Being soil inoculants, Microbial Solutions' products improve the quality of the soil regardless of the crop being grown. It is common knowledge that anything planted in good soils will grow well. The use of our product programs increases microbial activity and organic carbon activity which automatically


We believe that charity starts at home thus we chose to once again host a Christmas party for the kids of Plastic View Informal Settlement.

Learning from our past experience we aim to help by providing to the needs of the needy.

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